The Model Posing Guide

The Model Posing Guide Vol.1 Is Here!

Here you find modeling pose progressions on loop, flash cards and pose collections to help you practice learning and memorizing new poses. Add to your chain, break your old ones and develop into a more valuable model.

Information is the spark in your eye and the fire that drives you. How the the industry really work? Just honestly What money is being made and where? How do you get into the industry with or with out an agency?! YOU MUST READ THESE BOOKS!

A small collection of notes to develop insights to discuss and understand pose.

The Model Posing Guide

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The Model Posing Guide VOL.2

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& Glasses

The Male Model Posing Guide VOL.3

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Surfaces (Walls, Floors& Doorways)

The Model Posing Guide VOL.4

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Special Clothing (apparel focused)

Jackets, Skirts & Dresses