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1. Something as simple as tossing the hair to one side or the the other can refresh the pose. Make sure the hair isn't covering the face unless artistic aptitude calls for it.


2. The shoulders are balanced asymmetrically, adding a subtle dynamic line from models right to models left.


3. The models hands are corsetted around her waist. Shoulders caving into the heart elbows bent in slightly. The handcorset makes the pose posh, aristocratic and is quote to an exaggerated classic haunt couture pose.


4. Bending the knee adds an angle to the hips. Paired with the angle of the sounders the body takes on an S-shape, or a Z shape. It is also called“contrapposto” when the hips and sounders are slightly angled in an incline towards each other.


5.P the legs. The effect is achieved by lifting the heel and bending the knee inwards to create a small letter p with the legs.

1. This effect with the hair was achieved by the model swinging the entire head of hair from right to left, using the model's energy to move the entire head of hair at one time lifts and moves it all together at once.


2. On the models left side, she has her arm open. Creating space between the arm and body reveals the bodies contours, revealing the natural curves and symmetry between the body and the arm.


3. On the models right, the space is closed and it grounds the pose visually. If it wasn't grounded as such the pose would appear aloft airy, she might look like she's very light and floating.


4. She is cutting a shape with her legs. Shapes can be cut with hands, legs and arms, making connections to build space for energy to move through.


5. Her hands are open and relaxed. There are hundreds of different hand gestures that can be elaborated on further in a study of“mudras”.


6.Here the model is hiding the heels. A model is always aware of what they are marketing. they know subtly can draw attention towards or away from anything.

This pose and the poses to the right are similar but the nature of this pose has it’s own quality while the others tune lightly into something different.

The body language can begin to color the image in the way

that can echo a models energy, suggestion, or creative intuition in an abstract way.

Encouragement to guide a model towards a goal or move through those moments to find the right moment to match with pose. More open, more confident, chic, posh. wilder, stoic... You’re interpretation of abstract creative direction as a model is valuable. shifting within a pose a model can give variations closer to finding the right pose. A lot like finding the right radio station and fine tuning into it.


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